Why I Write

But beyond these, my son, be warned: there is no end to the making of many books (Eccl. 12:12 HCSB).

If Solomon were parenting today he might have said it this way, “There is no end to the making of many books, articles, blog posts, twe… Read more →

Do All Men Cheat?

I stared at my computer for a long time. After reading about the Ashley Madison scandal that is currently sending shockwaves through our culture (anyone
else feeling like it’s a train wreck? It’s hard to look away!), I learned that you coul… Read more →

5 Reasons Unity Is Worth Fighting For

We are a culture of advocates. Perhaps more than ever before, it’s trendy to latch on to a cause and passionately declare our support through colored
ribbons, memes, and virtual thumbs up. While I love to see us standing up for truth with p… Read more →

35 Things I Wish I’d Known in High School

This year I turned 35.

When I was a teenager, thirty seemed ancient. But as I crest the hill of my mid-thirties, I can assure you I won’t be picking out a retirement home any time soon. I’m just getting warmed up. In fact, my thirties have been s… Read more →

Teenagers + Technology: 3 Things You Might Be Missing

News flash: Scientists say modern teenagers have grown another appendage.

Well, those are not their exact findings, but close. A recent Pew Research Study shows what any of us who have tried to look a teenager in the eye recently
alr… Read more →

A Right Theology of Fear (And Why You Need It)

I know that I’m not supposed to be. I’ve heard all of the lines about how God wins. I’ve sung the words plenty, “If our God is for us, then who can ever
stop us.” I know that I’m supposed to “fear not” and yet, in these times, I have to won… Read more →

Obedience = One Step at a Time

My stomach hurts. My eyes are blurry. I know that in just a few short hours every muscle will ache.   Today is a big day for me.   In celebration of my 20th spiritual birthday I will walk 20 miles in an attempt to raise $20,000 to benefit four fantastic, Gospel-saturated ministries. (Read all the details here: GoFundMe.com/ErinDavis).  … Read more →

A Little Less Conversation A Little More Action

Hey, you there…   Yes, you.   With the screaming baby, or the messy house, or the overflowing inbox.   Mind if I grab a few of your brain cells for a minute. I promise, it won’t take long. But I really need your help for a good cause.   In honor of my twentieth spiritual birthday and in celebration… Read more →

A Birthday Wish to Do Something Big

It’s my birthday! You can tell by the twenty candles on my cake.

Nope, I’m not actually turning twenty (again!). I’m not celebrating my physical birthday; I’m celebrating my spiritual birthday. Twenty years ago this month, I walked an aisle in… Read more →

The Parable of the Lost Sheep 2.0

Easter 2015 was particularly memorable for the Davis clan.

We had new baby sheep on our little farm, and I got the bright idea to take one of those sweet little lambs to our Easter celebration at my mom’s house.
Nothing says Easter like ki… Read more →

Should You Take Marriage for a “Test Spin”?

Don’t you just love a free trial—a no-strings attached chance to try something out before you shell out your hard-earned cash? Most of us do.

Is it a good idea to enjoy a free trial without the commitment of a permanent arrangement?

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Antelope Hunting: How Loneliness Makes Us Vulnerable to Sin

A herd of antelopes grazes together on an African plain. There are so many of them that they are calm and relaxed, drawing a false sense of security from
their numbers. They do not scan the horizon for predators. No one stands guard. They s… Read more →

3 Trojan Horses That Are Threatening Our Ability to Connect

After a fruitless ten-year war against the city of Troy, the Greeks come up with a strategy to secure their place in the pages of history. They construct a
massive horse designed to hide an elite force of their best fighters. The rest of th… Read more →

Erin is on Focus on the Family Today!

  Delighted to be on @FocusFamily today talking about finding true connection in a disconnected world. Listen in here: http://www.focusonthefamily.com/media/daily-broadcast/finding-true-connection-in-a-disconnected-world-pt1 Leave your thoughts below. Thanks! Read more →

The Next Time Life Has You in the Waiting Room

I hate waiting. We all do. Waiting for God to move can feel especially uncomfortable. When I’ve prayed and do not yet see God’s hand at work, I tend to get
squirmy. Did He hear me? Will He answer? Will these circumstances ever change?

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How I Know Marriage Will Stand

“Marriage Under Fire”

“Government to Hear Testimony on the Re-Definition of Marriage”

“Biblical Definition of Marriage Questioned”

Nope. I didn’t rip these headlines from today’s blog roll. Not yesterday’s either. Yes, I know they are an accu… Read more →

A Modern Woman’s Guide to Fasting

Fasting is the spiritual discipline of denying ourselves of something (typically food) to feast on the things of God. I explored some reasons to fast in yesterday’s post. Perhaps you sense the Lord is leading you to fast. You may be thinking, Now wh… Read more →

Should I Be Fasting?

Mark 9 contains a story I’ve read a zillion times before. Jesus and His inner circle were coming down from the mountain where they had experienced the transfiguration and making their way toward joining the other disciples.

While Jesus, P… Read more →

Six Reasons Your Husband May Not Like Your Women’s Group

Ladies’ Bible studies are a staple in most of our churches. That’s a good thing! Titus 2:3–5 tells us that it is God’s design that women teach God’s Word to each other. But have you ever wondered what those closest to you really think about yo… Read more →

What to Say to That Immodestly Dressed Girl at Church

When speaking to parents and leaders of teenagers, I often hear a version of this question:

“There is a girl in my church (or a group of girls) who wear totally inappropriate clothes to church. What do I say to her?”

Here’s my response …. Read more →

What to Say to That Immodestly Dressed Girl at Church

When speaking to parents and leaders of teenagers, I often hear a version of this question:

“There is a girl in my church (or a group of girls) who wear totally inappropriate clothes to church. What do I say to her?”

Here’s my response …. Read more →

Ten Truths That Will Change Your Life in 2015

Are you a New Year’s resolution maker? I’m not.

Over the years, I’ve found the tradition of vowing to change at the start of the New Year to be an exercise in disappointment. Every year, my diets fail, my habits stay the same, and my resolutio… Read more →

5 Reasons We Still Need John 3:16

It’s been reduced to a cardboard sign held up at the edge of the wrestling ring or a mantra for frenzied NFL fans.

We assume everyone already knows it.

It’s a verse so well worn that it seems to have lost some of its luster.

But we… Read more →

Why Santa’s Not a Christian

I’ve been praying for Santa and his wife, Mrs. Claus. I’ve invited them to church. They say they’d come if they just weren’t so busy. They own a small business that seems to eat up all of their free time. I’ve shared my faith with them before, and t… Read more →

Navigating the Holidays as Adult Children of Divorce

“Hello, my name is Erin, and my parents are divorced.” Sometimes, I feel like I’m a member of a club that I can’t get out of, even if I fail to pay my dues. It’s the Adult Child of Divorce Club, and there are times when being a member is no picnic.
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Will You Pass the Insecurity, Please?

My mom’s crockpot corn (yum!). My granny’s cranberry salad (yuck!). My Aunt Rhonda’s pumpkin cake (double yum!). All of these will make an appearance at my family’s Thanksgiving table this year. But those yummy dishes will be chased by a harder pill… Read more →