Freebie Friday! Lies Young Women Believe

Freebie Friday

Quiz time! Look at these word pairs. For each one, make a mental note of which one best describes you.

  1. Relaxed or totally stressed out?
  2. Happy to be single or gotta have a guy?
  3. Good with what ya got or ugly?
  4. Forgiven or guilty?
  5. Definitely taking my problems to God first or gotta ask my friends for advice?
  6. Got just enough friends or lonely?
  7. Friendly or totally PMSing?
  8. Authentic or hypocritical?
  9. In control of my tech world or would die without text messaging, Facebook, and more?
  10. Confident in my stand to be pure or ashamed to stand alone?
  11. Content with what ya got or MUST shop now?
  12. The real deal or different depending on whom I’m with?
  13. Walking in victory or unable to overcome certain sins?
  14. Content to submit or angry at my parents?
  15. Confident of God’s protection or afraid of Satan?

Okay, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out we used some healthy descriptions first and some unhealthy descriptions last. Which did you tend to identify with?

I’m guessing you may have chosen the second option at least a few times (or more!). At some level, we all experience negative emotions or harmful responses that are rooted in lies we’ve believed (though we may not even realize they are lies).

That’s why you need the book this quiz came from (and the one this blog is named after), Lies Young Women Believe. It’s a book about exposed lies, but it’s really about God’s truth. Every girl needs it in her arsenal!

That’s why we are giving away a free copy for today’s Freebie Friday giveaway along with the Companion Guide.

Here’s how to win.

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