My Name Is Erin –


My Name is Erin: Erin’s four Latest books!

– My Name is Erin: One Gilr’s Journey to Discover Truth

-My Name is Erin: One Girl’s Journey to Discover Who She Is

– My Name is Erin: One Girl’s Mission to Make a Difference

P.S. You can read them in any order – but be radical and jump in! Review:

In the My Name is Erin series, you are invited in to the world of a young woman who is getting to know her self, truth,radical faith and making a difference! These four books are great! Thought provoking and easy to read for any young girl and even as an adult I got a lot from them!

These books are a right now message for all the girl’s trying to find who they are, what they believe, what makes them who they are, Erin takes you on that journey in each book!

Happy Reading and blessings,

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