I loved joining you for the Secret Keeper Girl LIVE webinar. It was a joy to dig into God’s Word with you to see His Truth on how to defeat self-entitlement. You girls are strong and kind!

I hope you will pick up a copy of my Bible study, “True Princess” to learn more about what it looks like to live like a daughter of the King of Kings.

A fan,






True Princess - SKGLive Special
True Princess - SKGLive Special
A True Princess is special because she is the daughter of someone special. Everything she does points back toward her Father. If a princess acts recklessly, it isn't just her reputation that suffers. The honor and image of the throne is at stake. A sense of entitlement won't get us anywhere in the kingdom of God. Humility is essential, and True Princess will guide girls in grades 6-12 through Scripture as a group or individually to help them understand the importance of living as a daughter of the King. (7 Sessions)