Cheaters Welcome

Cheaters Welcome

I’ve never been good at math. Maybe that’s why when I discovered the answers in the back of my high school algebra textbook, I was giddy. True, only half of the answers were there, but they turned out to be practically the only answers I got right all year long.

Today’s post is kinda like that.

I’m gonna ask you a question.

If you know the answer, feel free to jot it down in our comment section. If not, that’s okay. You are free to cheat. No one will even know. And since in this case the answer is way more important than the question, I’m okay with you getting some help. In fact, I’ll have a post up tomorrow that tells you my answer. But for now, I’d like to know your thoughts on this simple question:

What is the gospel?

That’s it! Feel free to run to your Bible, your pastor, or even Google for help with your answer. Shoot me a comment and stay tuned to the blog, cuz we’ll be talking about the gospel for the rest of the month.

Oh . . . and to sweeten the deal, I’ll send a free personal-size ESV study Bible to three of you who comment.

Ready, set, cheat!

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